Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Does Crack Do To Your Brain

In a nut shell, it destroys your brain. I'm not saying this because I think it physically damages your brain. In which case it probably does. I'm saying it because of the way it holds your brain captive, like a dog chained to a tree. Before you know it, you find yourself wrapped around the tree so tightly that you can't escape.

Here's how it works. You're out with some friends having a good time, or you meet this new girl/guy that you think's down. The night's going great, you're laughing and joking, setting it off proper, maybe at a club getting your dance on and having a few drinks or back at her/his place chilling, having a private set, smoking a little weed, you know how it's done. What ever the case, every thing's good, it's irie, noooo problemo.

Now comes the life changing moment. Someone introduces you to a new friend. One who's smooth, got stilo, can take you to new heights. This is a friend like no other, or so you think. The moment you get acquainted it's total bliss, oooooooooooooh sshiiiii*, wtf, where am I, I feel sooo free, I'm floating in space, noooooooo worries. Fifteen minutes later, it's, DAAAAMN, WHAT WAS THAT, LET ME GET ANOTHER HIT, and so the night goes. LET ME GET ANOTHER HIT, AHHHH MAN, LET ME GET ANOTHER HIT, SHHHHEW, THAT IS #@$%& $%*^#......, CAN I GET ANOTHER HIT.

Now this new friend is all you think about. It's like a weird love affair. You can't quite remember how it happened, but you know you need him/her. All day you think about being together, that you can't wait any longer to be with them. "YOU ARE HOOKED"! The chain has been connected to your neck. At first you don't notice much of a difference. Then you start to feel the weight of the chain. Now you start to wonder if you really do love this friend, and if they're any good for you. Nevertheless, you cannot wait to be with them. Everything in your life revolves around this new friend. Nothing else matters but them. "THE CHAIN HAS BEEN ATTACHED TO THE TREE"!

At this point no matter what you do, you never are able to get very far away from this friend. It seems, whenever you do manage to have a thought of your own, about someone or something other than this new lover, you are held just out of reach. Over time you find yourself trying to run in a different direction, trying to have a moment with those fleeting thoughts of other desires. Trying to take a break from the constancy of your lover. Only to realize that you are being wound tighter and tighter around this object of your lust.

Completely helpless, not knowing who you are anymore, and not being able to move or in other words change your situation, "YOU ARE NOW WRAPPED AROUND THIS TREE"! Dying inside, and by now looking like you are dying on the outside as well. Wishing for a glimpse of life the way it use to be. Fading, until some kind soul comes to your aid and attempts to unwind you from around the tree (crack).

This in and of itself is no easy task. You have driven yourself mad attempting to unravel the chain, to no avail. Now you snarl with your teeth, growl, and try to bite anyone who approaches. You don't know how to allow anyone to help you anymore. The few people that are still in your life, or the remnants of what was once your life, you push away. If you are lucky those people persist and try to help you anyway. If you are not so lucky then only destiny will tell what the future holds.

In closing let me just say that crack is no joke. Don't try it. If you are daring and just have to try it, then muster up enough strength to get help in the early stages (real early) when the first doubts start to enter your mind. This is one road you do not want to travel. There are a lot of other things out there to experiment with that aren't as swift, calculating, and utterly destructive as 'CRACK'. However, any thing, person, or situation that controls your mind instead of you controlling it can be viewed as crack. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Get help if you are CAUGHT UP. Be strong, and LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU.


Karen Bullock said...

Ive never used crack up have a very dear friend who is 40 had has used crack for 14 years and drugs since as far back that he can rememmber. Please pray for him. He goes months without his friend and actually made it to 1 year, then he blew it. He goes to no support groups and doesnt even have a physchlogist or physchocirest. He take nothing for depression. He lost his wife and pretty much ot of his childrens life. He sees them. maybe every 4 months. After his wife kicked him out,he became totally homeless and had to live in a shelter.Personally, hes not ready to stop and has never mentioned quiting. I believe while he was at the shelter he had no other chose but to stop for the time being. I would think that after being kicked out by his wife of 14 years (which he was on crack when they met and didnt stop after they were married would have wanted to stop and seek help.ld ha which .you would think at)I know hes not ready to become clean. I was married to a crack addict which after several relapes I figured out that he wasnt ready to give up at that point. His cocky attitued and immature personality after being clean for a week showed me he wasnt ready. I learned by his theaprist how tomtell if he was on the verge of relapsing. He said even though he hasnt ussed yet, in his mind he all ready has. His blue eyes would change from dark blue to light blue and would have an expression on his face as being lost but in a panic to help put out the fire down the street which really wasnt there. Back to my friend, is there and medication that he can take oj a regular bases for the rest of his live thatwill help calm the cravings? Right now he is out having fun in his addiction and his far from being ready to want a stop mustless take medication. I need to know,(which Im sure I know the answer) if there is anything what so ever to make him realize thr damage he is doing to himself, wife and two young children. But I know the answer but wuld like to hear it from someone eles.

bob leejames said...


bob leejames said...

I used crack 25 years its great its the best addictive drug ever.